Precision CNC Mill Turn solutions

Within our turning section at PSM we have some of the latest technology on hand. On site we have a pair of Doosan Puma MX 2100ST mill turn lathes with the capacity and the technology to offer solutions to cover most customer requirements

The twin turrets allow for the simultaneous OD and ID cutting on a part in the main spindle, and simultaneous milling and turning of components in the machines main and sub-spindle, this enables multiple finished parts to be completed in one cycle.

We also have a Puma 2600M & 2600 plus the Puma 2000SY with “Y “axis and sub spindle. These machines complement our existing bank of Alpha CNC turret lathes. In addition we also have a bar fed CNC lathe with a 10” chuck and a 65mm Diameter bar capacity. We think we will have most of your requirements covered.