Mechanical Test Pieces

P.S.Marsden (Precision Engineers) Ltd specialise in the manufacture of mechanical test pieces and as such can deliver a full range of test specimens to your specific company requirements, or to relevant ISO, ASTME specifications.
Forged blanks, finished machined or failed components can be expertly sectioned, on site, in any orientation with strict identification maintained throughout all sub-sequent machining operations.

Test pieces can be produced by CNC turning, CNC milling or low stress CNC grinding. Various types of final finishing are requested and PSM can deliver as machined, as ground, X hatch polish, longitudinal polish and super polished finishes.
Through collaboration with major customers PSM have developed many specialist machining methods, including grounding crack initiation notches, machining CMSX4 test pieces by orientating the grain boundaries to run axial along the test pieces gauge section and a method of introducing “Artificial Damage” into test pieces potentially allowing components with minor damage entering service instead of being scrapped.
Whatever the materials from aluminium to single crystal nickel alloys, whatever the condition of supply PSM have never failed to deliver.

The company mantra “Consistent Quality Breeds Consistent Results”