Machining of Exotic Materials

Precision Machining Services for Exotic Alloys

Exotic alloys such as INCO, Udimet, Titanium Aluminides, Single Crystal Nickel Alloys, Nickel Powder Alloys, Titanium Metal Matrix and Titaniums are called “exotic” for a reason: they are often hard to source, expensive and often difficult to machine.
Since its formation in 1972, PSM have pushed the boundaries of tooling technologies and machine capabilities with our precision machining services.

While some precision machining companies avoid manufacturing components from exotic alloys because of the unique material properties and characteristics, we welcome the challenge. Our machinists and technicians have an un-rivalled knowledge of the iintricacies involved with machining innovative materials to tight tolerances.

PSM are in a unique position, as new exotic alloys are introduced into the supply chain. With our experience of these new materials and developed machining techniques, we are able to confidently machine these new materials running.

PSM are able to use the technical know-how gained through constant research and extensive experience to produce parts the customer requires in the material specified without compromise.