Dedicated Nuclear Manufacturing Facility

Nuclear FacilityTo ensure quality, precision and cleanliness to Rolls-Royce DGS PS 5104 specification P S Marsden have a dedicated nuclear facility located 100 yards from the main factory. The unit is air conditioned occupying a floor area of 5000 square feet.
The specialized workforce have many years experience working on complex machined components for the Nuclear Submarine and Civil Nuclear Industries. Customers include Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems. The facility offers:

  • Quality: Temperature controlled inspection department with Co-ordinated Measuring machines, optical projectors and associated fully calibrated measuring equipment.
  • Cleaning: Grade ‘B’ clean room and fitting area complying with Rolls-Royce cleanliness standards.
    • P.S.Marsden (Precision Engineers) Ltd control and maintain a Rolls-Royce® Nuclear (Submarines) DGS PS 5104 approved Grade ‘B’ Clean Room. Products manufactured by PSM for Rolls-Royce® can be used in a harsh environment NSRP (Nuclear Steam Raising Plant) and as such cleanliness control is of prime consideration at all times during the manufacturing processes employed. Even slight contamination of components can have dire consequences in the operational life of a submarine or its personnel. It is therefore of extreme importance that a Nuclear Clean room is controlled to the highest degree possible ensuring personnel are trained to the highest standards and materials used are approved before use, and compliant with current approved Standards e.g. RRA 15721.We ensure that all components manufactured and supplied to Rolls-Royce® Nuclear (Submarines) have completed the appropriate cleanliness checks required by the component definition and ensure the removal of any contaminating particulate matter adhering to the components.
  • Machining capabilities include:
    • Turning: CNC Turning & Conventional
    • Milling: Multi axis CNC Milling and Conventional
    • 3D CAD/CAM system supporting all major drawing and wireframe/solid model formats.
    • Grinding: CNC Thread grinding for production of Leadscrews.
    • Cylindrical grinding with OPG.
    • Surface grinding.

We offer total project management from raw material through to fully finished components utilizing the latest in computer technology.