Quality Management System
Established in 1972, P S Marsden (Precision Engineering) Ltd is committed to providing a range of high quality products and services.

Now accredited to AS9100, we have a long history of quality performance and approvals:

Before the introduction of a national recognised Quality system, we gained accreditation to CQC 103 and NATO AQAP4 customer driven quality standards:

  1. BS5750 introduced in the eighties; was simply designed to ensure that suppliers met the needs of their customers. BS5750 then evolved into:
    • ISO 9001:1987 this standard had the same structure as BS 5750 and was also combined with American and other Defence Standards, resulting in global “standardisation” of the standard.
      This version further developed into:
      ISO 9001:1994 this update directed emphasis on preventative actions instead of only inspecting the final product:-
      ISO 9001:2000 introduced Process Management to monitor and optimise the company’s tasks and activities; the standard also demanded Director level involvement to integrate quality into the business system. Process performance metrics were also introduced:
      ISO 9001:2008, this update was a spring clean to the 2000 version.
  2. Driven by our philosophy of continued improvement and to bring us into line with our customer’s standards, in 2011 PSM gained approval to:
    • AS 9100:2009 rev C, this fully incorporates ISO 9001 whilst adding additional requirements relating to quality and safety.

    In addition to the above, PSM are customer approved for:

    • Rolls Royce SABRE
    • Rolls Royce Nuclear Submarines
    • Rolls Royce MSRR9968
    • Siemens

    Our Quality Policy Statement April 2018 can be seen HERE

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